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Handpan meets 12 string guitar 2
Marcel Hutter & Band - Nomads Land
Handpan meets 12 string guitar feat. Julian Buschberger
ayasa e amara 20 composition
playing around on a new composition on the @mudrahandpan e major 19 using the full scale as a fill
Marcel Hutter & Band - Ocean - live @ Griasdi 2023
Marcel Hutter & Band - Barátság - live @Griasdi Festival 2023
mag c# pygmy 17
played on ayasa a2 hijaz
totally in love with this beautiful @ayasa_instruments c harmonic minor
played on MAG c# pygmy 17
MAG f#kurd 20
Mudra handpan e major in hungarian woods
deepan d kurd.
Ayasa e amara 20
Mudra at castle
Mudra in a tomb
Marcel&Helene - Ashakiran
love playing in nature 🙂 the looks were for my girlfriend/cameragirl, asking her when we hit 1 min
Marcel&Helene - Handpanduo
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